Continuous vulnerability detection & threat management

Inspect your web applications automatically to detect security vulnerabilities an attacker can use to get hold of confidential information or personal data.


18% of all web applications expose at least one critical vulnerability within a year.


75% of all web applications contain a vulnerability of some severity.


100% of all web applications that we test, we always find space for improvement.

Keep your site secure

Every time a new version of your website is released, there’s a chance a new bug or vulnerability is introduced. By using Truesec WebInspect with scheduled inspections, you’ll be notified of any new issues that might have arisen. When your developers are done fixing the issues, you can schedule a new inspection to verify that everything has been secured.

Developed by experts

Truesec WebInspect is developed by security experts with many years’ experience in performing penetration tests, security audits, and assessments of web applications. Our accumulated knowledge has given us the best conditions to develop this competitive tool to secure your website.

More than security issues

In addition to detecting security weaknesses, you will get complete insight into what can be improved on your webpage. For example, Truesec WebInspect informs you about:

  • Critical Security issues
  • Information leakage
  • Server misconfiguration
  • Status of SSL/TLS certificate
  • Exposed admin interfaces
  • Broken links and usability issues
  • Scripts from untrusted sources
  • Exposed documents
  • Open ports and services running
  • Status of cookies

Get started

  1. Select which website, or webapp, should be inspected.
  2. Get notified of the result when the inspection is finished. At this point you can easily create a sharable link to forward the results to your development team.
  3. When all fixes have been applied, mark each alert as fixed by clicking the alert and pressing the "Fixed" button.


Truesec is a highly regarded company that focuses on cybersecurity, IT infrastructure and secure development. We have made a concerted effort to assemble a team of the top experts in each field. Truesec was established in early 2005. Through our passion, expertise and technology we work for a safe world. With more than 1,000 successful assignments carried out, Truesec has created a strong reputation internationally and have costumers all over the world.

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An intuitive user interface

After each inspection, you get a summary of the findings. Our interface gives you a clear and detailed view of the information, such as:

  • Findings with detailed information of description, recommendation and location on website.
  • Severity of the findings.
  • Changes since the last inspection
  • Findings mapped to OWASP top 10.
  • Easily share findings

Pricing plans

  • Market leading scanning service
  • Monthly automated scanning
  • Basic support
  • Advanced elimination of false positives
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Market leading scanning service
  • Weekly automated scanning
  • Premier support
  • Advanced elimination of false positives
  • Monthly executive summary report
  • Custom trimming
  • Scan as logged in
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Market leading scanning service
  • Continuously automated scanning
  • Premier support
  • Advanced elimination of false positives
  • Monthly executive summary report
  • Custom trimming
  • Manual threat intelligence verification
  • Scan as logged in
  • Advanced deep web inspection
  • Integration with CI/CD process
  • Custom reporting

Some of our satisfied customers

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Per Sjösvärd

A few words from our customers...

Both of our websites are the constant target of intrusions. WebInspect and Detect enables us to manage them in the best way possible, while at the same time we can become better at protecting ourselves.

Per Sjösvärd, Stångåstaden

Stångåstaden and Studentbostäder i Linköping is one of Sweden’s largest municipal property companies with a turnover of SEK 1.3 billion and over 18,500 apartments. The company has websites where tenants can access personal information such as rental agreements and different types of services.

Stångåstaden and Studentbostäder i Linköping needed a solution that could give them information about attack attempts and detect vulnerabilities in its new website functions. Triggers has detected ongoing attacks and provided information about the IP number or user account the attacks have come from. This has enabled the customer to localize, contact and stop the attackers